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March 8



Pilipino Komiks Blg. 281, Marso 8, 1958
On the Cover: Clodualdo del Mundo’s “Zarex” (illustrated by Fred Carillo)

Events that happened on March 8
1565 – Felipe Salcedo, grandson of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, took possession of the island of Leyte.
1947 – President Manuel Roxas (1892-1948), an ally of the U.S. government, started his campaign in southern provinces for the acceptance of the Parity Rights Bill, an effort to open the Philippine economy and patrimony to American corporations, which later turned out to be highly disadvantageous to the Philippines.

Personalities and celebrities born on March 8:
1860 – Antonio San Agustin, businessman and one of the Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite – in San Roque, Cavite (d. September 12, 1896)
Gregorio Y. Zara,
during his tenure as vice-president
and dean of FEATI Institute of Technology.

1902 – Gregorio Y. Zara, engineer, inventor of the video-telephone, and National Scientist – in Lipa, Batangas (d. October 15, 1978)

1925 – Ramon Revilla (real name Jose Acuña Bautista Sr), actor and politician, in Imus, Cavite.
1929 – Leroy Salvador (full name Joseph Bert Leroy Salvador), actor and producer – in Hawaii.
1946 – Robert Salazar Jaworski, professional basketball player, coach and senator, in Baguio City.   
Robert Jaworski
on a Nescafe Roast print ads, this one at the back cover of MOD Filipina (April 28, 1989).
Picture Trivia
Of the two existing species of elephants on earth, the African elephant (Loxodontia africana) is bigger than the Indian elephant (Elephas maximus). The ears of the African elephant is also larger while, distinctively, the Indian elephant has a hump on the middle of its back.
Left: African elephant on the cover of Wildlife March 2010 issue.
Right: Indian elephant on the cover of Time August 13, 2007 issue.
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