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May 15

MAY 15
Teens Weekly, Taon 1 Blg. 43, Mayo 15, 1971
Tampok sa taklob-pahina ang tambalang “Guy & Pip” (Nora Aunor at Tirso Cruz III).

Events that happened on May 15:
1961 – The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Personalities and celebrities born on May 15:
1893 – Jose Nepomuceno, pioneer filmmaker who made the first full-length movie in the Philippines, Dalagang Bukid – in Manila (d. December 1, 1959)
1969 – Rachel Lobangco, actress, dancer and model.

Rachel Lobangco
on the cover of Men’s Edge (February 1995).

1972 – Andy Seigle (full name Andrew John Yadao Seigle), basketball player – in Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 
1987 – Jennylyn Mercado (full name Jennylyn Anne Pineda Mercado), actress, model and singer – Las Piñas City.
Jennylyn Mercado
on the covers of FHM Philippines (November 2009), Rogue (November 2010),
and Women’s Health Philippines March 2011 (Courtesy of Mrs. Susan Ang-Sy Dy)

Ang Kurdapya

Ang nobelang-komiks na “Kurdapya”
tampok sa taklob-pahina ng
Tagalog Klasiks Blg. 127, Mayo 15, 1954.
          Isang nakatutuwang nobelang-komiks ang “Kurdapya” (1953-1954) na pinagtulungang isulat nina Pablo S. Gomez at Carlos Gonda para sa Tagalog Klasiks. Dalawa rin bantog na ilustrador, sina Nestor Redondo at Afredo Alcala, ang naitokang gumuhit ng kuwentong ito tungkol sa isang tila pangit na batang babae na naging isang magandang binibini, si Kurdapya.
          Ginawa itong pelikula ng Sampaguita Films noong 1955, na nagtampok sa tambalang Gloria Romero (bilang Kurdapya) at Ric Rodrigo. Kasama rin sa pelikula sina Dolphy, Ramon Revilla, Aruray, Eddie Garcia, Rebecca del Rio at Etang Discher.
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Linda Lovelace on the cover of
Esquire (May 1973).
Picture Trivia
          According to porn actress Linda Lovelace (real name Linda Susan Boreman, 1949-2002), although she enjoyed the sex with the countless men in her life, the only two men she “made love” were David Winters, which she described in her autobiography The Intimate Diary of Linda Lovelace (1974) as “the man in my life, and Larry Marchiano, her second husband which she had two children.
          Lovelace is well-known in her portrayal in the porno film Deep Throat (1972). It is said that she began the trend of acomoclitism or pubic depilation in porno films, which had been the preference of most porno film enthusiasts since then. The film Deep Throat also showcased her fellatio technique, which is now called “deep throat.”
          The film Deep Throat, which Lovelace starred, on the other hand, is now considered as the “most successful x-rated film of all time.” The film, with a full length of 61 minutes, had a production cost of barely 50,000 dollars. Today, it is estimated that the film already accumulated more than half-a-billion dollars in revenue. Despite this, however, according to Lovelace’s book Ordeal (1980), she was only paid 1,250 dollars for the film and all of it was taken by his live-in manager at the time, Chuck Taylor. Lovelace died in 2002, still unable to benefit from the monumental success of Deep Throat, not even a tiny amount from its profits.

Linda Lovelace’s 1974 autobigraphy
The Intimate Diary of Linda Lovelace.
          In the Times Guide to Films list of “100 Landmark Movies of All Time,” Deep Throat was labeled among the classic films like Citizen Kane. The film even became the inspiration for the code name of Rob Woodward’s secret informant in the Watergate Scandal, FBI agent William Mark Felt.        
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