Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3

Life May 3, 1963
On the Cover: The bust of Alexander the Great

Events that happened on May 3
1882 – Jose Rizal left Manila on board the Spanish steamer Salvadora for Singapore. From Singapore, Rizal boarded the French steamer Djemnah, which was sailing to Europe. He was going to Spain to complete his university studies.

Personalities and celebrities born on May 3:
1859 – Enrique Mendiola, educator, editor, textbook author and founder of La Alborada, a weekly school publication (d. March 30, 1914).
1963 – Jesus Yagin Salud, champion professional boxer and promoter, in Sinait, Ilocos Sur.
1991 – Bela Padilla (real name Krista Valle Sullivan), model and actress.
Bela Padilla
on the cover of Gadgets Philippines (October 2011).

Joe DiMaggio on the cover of Sports World
(America’s Fun Magazine, May 1949)
Picture Trivia
           American major league center fielder Joe DiMaggio (full name Giuseppe Paulo DiMaggio, 1914-1999) was an extraordinary athlete of his time. DiMaggio was a three-time Most valuable Player and 13-time All-Star player, the only baseball player to be included in the All-Stars in his 13 years with the New York Yankees, including nine World Series championships. He holds the record of “56-game hitting streak” (from May 15 to July 16, 1941), a record that still stands today.           In 1949, DiMaggio was the first baseball player to earn more 100,000 dollars per year. He was included in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1955.        
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