Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25

June issues of different magazines

Prime Editions Vol. 2 No. 20, June 25, 1987
On the Cover: Maria Rinna Victoria Batista Estrella

Rita Hayworth on the cover of Quick News Weekly June 25, 1951 issue

Events that happened on June 25:
1865 – The Bilibid Prison, the first national penitentiary built under the Spanish regime, was established.
1881 – Abolition of the so-called Tobacco Monopoly.

Personalities and celebrities born on June 25:
1864 – Galicano Apacible, medical doctor, newspaperman, and one of the founder of the La Solidaridad – in Balayan, Batangas (d. March 22, 1949).
1867 – Guillermo Masangkay, revolutionary general – in Meisic, Tondo, Manila (d. May 30, 1963).
1959 – Efren Reyes Jr, actor, ariter and director – in Manila.
1976 – Alex Pagulayan (full name Alejandro Salvador Pagulayan), champion professional billiards and snooker player nicknamed “The Lion” – in Cabagan, Isabela.

1985 – Ehra Madrigal (real name Geralyn Gaspar Madrigal), actress and model – in Quezon City.
Ehra Madrigal on the cover of two issues of FHM Philippines:
On the left, September 2006 and on the right, June 2008.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones on the cover
of Rolling Stone June 25, 1981 issue
Picture Trivia
In was in 1981 when Harrison Ford played the role of Indiana Jones that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of movie fans. This was in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. Do you know that George Lucas initially didn’t want Ford to play the now iconic role? Just like the Stars Wars Trilogy, George Lucas teamed-up with Steven Speilberg in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Speilberg like Ford to play the role of Indiana Jones, but Lucas wants Tom Selleck instead. Later, Lucas was persuaded to accept Ford when Selleck declined. The rest is history.
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