Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18

Mr. & Ms. Vol. 28 No. 39, January 18, 2005
On the Cover: Angel Locsin & Richard Gutierrez in costume for the GMA-7 TV series “Mulawin”

January 18 in Philippine History

1737 – Treaty of peace was signed between Spanish Governor-General Valdes Tumon and Alimud Din, the Sultan of Sulu.
1860 – The first pawnshop was authorized in Manila.
1896 – Date on the first issue of Kalayaan, the newspaper of the Katipunan. It actually came out on mid-March 1896.
1966 – Arturo M. Tolentino became Senate President of the Philippines.
1980 – Francisco “Kit” Tatad resigned as Information Minister.
1982 – The first Manila International Film Festival (MIFF), which lasted 11 days and featured nearly 200 films, began.
1988 – First local election – for governors and mayors – after the EDSA Revolt that installed Corazon Aquino as president. Since the start of the campaign period, 98 persons were killed, 38 of them candidates.

Pinoy personalities and celebrities born on January 18:
1873 – Librada Avelino, founder of the Centro Escolar de Señoritas (now Centro Escolar University) – in Pandacan, Manila. (d. November 9, 1934)
1936 – Cirio Hermoso Santiago, writer, cinematographer, director and film producer – in Manila (d. September 26, 2008).
1969 – Batista (full name David Michael Bautista Jr), American-born Filipino-Greek champion professional wrestler – Washington, D.C.
Batista on the cover of Raw,
February 2005 issue

          On the left upper arm of champion pro-wrestler Batista is a tattoo of the flags of the Philippines and Greece merged into one. He stands 6’-5” and first wrestled professionally under the name “Leviathan.” He won his first world heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania 21 after defeating Triple H at the main events
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Picture Trivia
Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista (Pro-wrestling “Royal Rumble”),
on the cover of TV Star Guide (January 2008).
          For the first time, the 21st annual “Royal Rumble” (2008), the pay-per-view broadcast of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was shown in high definition. John Cena (13th entrant) emerged the winner of the Royal Rumble event after eliminating Triple H (29 entrant). 
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  1. Wow, Mulawin stars Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez, my favorites! Gling, gling!