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January 14

January 14
Prime Weekly Edition Vol. 3 No. 2, January 14-21, 1988
On the cover: Rizza Errea


January 14 in Philippine History

1889 – The Associacion Internationale des Philippinistes was established in Paris, France, with Ferdinand Blumentritt (1853-1913) as president and Jose Rizal as secretary.
1954 – A Philippine Airline (PAL) DC-6 on a flight from Madrid to Rome, with seven passengers and nine crew members aboard, crashed at Bogota Nuevo Giodani about six kilometers west of Rome killing everyone on board.
1983 – Filipino statesman and diplomat Carlos P. Romulo retired as Foreign minister, on his 84th birthday.
Nat King Cole (real name Nathaniel Adams Coles, 1919-1965),
on the cover of Jet (January 14, 1965) barely a month before he died.

Pinoy personalities and celebrities born on January 14:
1899 – Carlos Peña Romulo, journalist, statesman, diplomat, writer National Artist for literature (1982), and first Filipino to become President of the United Nations General Assembly – in Camiling, Tarlac. (d. December 15, 1985)

1969 – Vergel Meneses, professional basketball player, Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) “Most Valuable Player” (1998), and national team member – in Malolos, Bulacan. 

1991 – Kristel Moreno, actress and model.
Kristel Romero
on the back cover of Bagong Babae (October 9, 1985).

Hayop sa Pang-amoy! 
          Alam niyo ba kung anong hayop ay may pinakamalakas na pang-amoy o sense of smell? Sa maniwala kayo o hindi, ito ay isang species na tangya o moth. Ang lalaking emperor moth (Eudia pavonia) ay kayang maamoy ang sex attractant ng isang virgin female species sa layong 11 kilometro! Ang sex attractant ng babaeng tangya ay isang uri ng bio-chemical alcohol, at bawat isa ay nagtataglay lamang ng 0.0001 milligram!
                                      o     O     o

          Kaya namang maamoy ng polar bear (Thalarctos maritimus) ang isang seal sa layong tatlong kilometro! Kaya din nitong maamoy ang isang isdang lumalangoy sa ilalim ng tipak ng yelong may kapal na mahigit sa isang metro!
                                      o     O     o

          Ang isang aso ay may kakayahan namang makilala ang higit pa sa 50,000 iba’t-ibang amoy!
                                      o      O     o


The young of an African gazelle (specie of antelope),
on the cover of Wild (winter 2011).
Picture Trivia
          Aside from their nose, do you know which other part of an antelope’s anatomy it uses for smelling? It’s unusually peculiar, but antelopes also use their feet for smelling. They have scent detecting glands between their hoofs.
                                      o     O     o

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  1. Where did you get the Malang cartoons? The Romulo picture is also great. Excellent job!