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January 3

January 3
TV Times, January 3-9, 1982
On the Front Cover: Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers), Erin Gray (Col. Wilma Deering),
and the robot Twiki (voiced by Felix Silla and Mel Blanc)
(for the TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)
On the Back Cover: Nida Blanca for the Bear Brand Powder Milk print ad.
Dwight D. Eisenhower II (as one of the “Famous Babies of the Year”)
on the cover of Life (January 3, 1949)
Enero 3 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

          Alam niyo ba na lumabas ang mga unang sipi ng Revista Farmaceutica de Filipinas noong Enero 3, 1893? Ito ay isang lathalain para sa mga pharmacists at physicians na itinatag ni Tomas Torres Perona, ang dekano ng Paaralan ng Parmasiya ng lumang Universidad de Manila.       
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          Noong Enero 3, 1932, nagkaroon ng bisa ang Philippine Revised Penal Code. Ang naturang batas ay binuo at inihanda ng committee na kinabibilangan nina Anacleto Diaz (Chairman), Quintin Paredes, Guillermo Guevara, Alex Reyes and Mariano de Joya.
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ALIGUYON: The Ifugao Superhero of Ancient Times
          The Ifugao epic Hudhud (literally translate as “song of harvest”), tells of a powerful hero name Aliguyon, the son of Amtalao and Dumulao, who was invincible in battle, could catch spears in the air, and fought many combats. One episode tells of his duel with Pumbakhayon, a warrior of equal strength from the village of Daligdigan, whose tribe was the enemy of his father’s tribe. They fought for one and a half years, eat and rested, then fought again for another one and a half years, until a compromise was reached. After the ritual of peaceful settlement and sharing some wine, Aliguyon offer his love to Bugan, the sister of Pumbakhayon. No one opposed, so they were married. Pumbakhayon, on the other hand, married Aliguyon’s sister Aginaya.
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The Extraordinary LAM-ANG
The legendary powerful hero featured in the Ilocano epic Biag ni Lam-ang (“Life of Lam-ang”), attributed to be the work of the blind Ilocano Poet Pedro Bucaneg (1592-c.1650).

          According to the narrative epic Biag ni Lam-ang (consisting of 294 stanzas), in the town of Malbuan in the valley of the Naguilian River, there lived a couple, Juan Panganiban and his wife, Namongan. When Namongan was well on the way in his pregnancy, his husband went off to the mountains to fight the fierce headhunter tribe, Ilongots. Lam-ang was born during his absence. The hero could already talk at the moment of his birth, thus he was able to give his chosen name.
          Lam-ang grew rapidly so that when he was nine months old, he had already the body and size of a full-grown man. He decided to look for his father. With the aid of magic stones and magical pets, he traveled to the land of the Ilongots. He came upon the beheaded body of his father. In a mad desire for vengeance, he killed an entire tribe of headhunters.
          Lam-ang returned home to the great welcome and admiration of his people. Despite this attention, however, Lama-ang felt something is lacking in his life. Lam-ang then met and was captivated by the beautiful Ines Kannoyan living in the place called Calunitian. Accompanied by his pets – a rooster and a dog – he journeyed to get his beloved. Ines Kannoyan’s place was surrounded by a thick crowd of suitors. Lam-ang’s rooster flapped its wings and the outhouse was toppled. This amazed everybody, including Ines Kannoyan. Then his dog barked and the outhouse rose back to its former position. All the suitors gave way in favor of Lam-ang except for Sumarang, a giant who would not yield. Lam-ang defeated him in a duel. After giving her a dowry of two gold ships full of worldly treasures, Lam-ang married Ines Kannoyan with the largest wedding feast that ever been seen in the province.
          In order to secure the union’s blessing, Lam-ang was informed that he must dive down to the very depths of the sea and retrieve a pearl from a magical oyster, otherwise the marriage would have bad luck. So, Lam-ang dove into the sea and, on his way down, was eaten by a shark. Heartbroken, Ines went into mourning, as did most of the town, as Lam-ang was their hero. The next day, Lam-ang’s rooster, who had magical powers, spoke to Ines, and told her to have Lam-ang’s bones fished out of the sea. Ines did as she was instructed, retrieving Lam-ang’s bones before the rooster, who then blew on them. Lam-ang was resurrected immediately, embraced Ines, and the town had its’ hero back.
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Pinoy personalities and celebrities born on January 3:
1939 – Ruben T. Reyes, lawyer, jurist and associate justice of the Supreme Court (2007-2009) – in Hagonoy, Bulacan.
1969 – Bayani Agbayani (real name Bayani Rogacion Jr) – actor-comedian, singer, TV host – in Silang, Cavite.
1983 – Precious Lara San Agustin Quigaman, actress, product endorser and beauty queen (Miss International 2005) – in Taguig City, Metro Manila.
Lara Quigaman
on the covers of MOD (October 14 and December 30, 2005)

Dan Inosanto on the cover of
Inside Kung Fu (January 1991).
Larawang Tribiya 
          Si Daniel “Dan” Arca Inosanto, isang Filipino-American martial arts master, ay naging matalik na kaibigan, student, mentor at consultant ni Bruce Lee sa kaniyang mga pakikipagpaligsahan sa iba’t-ibang martial arts masters, at sa pagbuo niya ng Jeet Kune Do martial arts philosophy. Siya ang nagturo kay Lee ng nunchaku at arnis.
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