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January 11

January issues of different magazines

January 11
January 11 (1960): Time Magazine
On the Cover: Population Explosion – A collage of images of mothers and children.

January 11 in Philippine History

1752 – The Spanish Council of War declared war against the Muslims.
1764 – The last British ship left Manila ending the British occupation of the Philippines.
1897 – The 13 Matyrs of Bagumbayan (as differentiated from the 13 Martyrs of Cavite), after a mock trial, were executed at Bagumbayan (now part of Rizal Park).
1917 – The first Filipino cabinet under the U.S. regime was organized. It is composed of Rafael Palma, Secretary of Interior; Alberto Barreto, Secretary of Finance; Dionisio Jakosalem, Secretary of Commerce and Communication; Victorino Mapa, Secretary of Justice; Galicano Apacible, Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources; and Charles Yeaster, Secretary of Information.

Ang Album n(an)g Kabalbalan ni Kenkoy ni Romualdo Ramos
at Antonio Velasquez, ang kauna-unahang Komiks series
sa Pilipinas, na lumabas sa sirkulasyon noon Enero 11, 1929.

1929 – The komiks series Kenkoy conceptualized by Romualdo Ramos and drawn by Antonio Velasquez first appeared in the weekly magazine Liwayway.

Pinoy personalities and celebrities born on January 11:
1851 – Higinio Benitez, lawyer, judge, member of the Malolos Congress and member of the committee which drafted the Malolos Constitution. (d. May 8, 1928)
1902 – Honorata “Atang” de la Rama, singer, actress, National Artist for theater and music, and “Queen of the Kundiman” – in Pandacan, Manila. (d. July 11, 1991)
1964 – Ralph Gonzalez Recto, politician and legislator – in Quezon City.
1970 – Joy Tavas Nilo, composer, musical conductor and music teacher – in Oriental Mindoro.

Larawan ng Mga Bituin Noong Kanilang Kabataan
Honorata “Atang” de la Rama
Mula sa sipi ng Expressweek Magazine,
November 22, 1979, p. 26

          In geography, antipodes are any two places on the Earth which is diametrically opposite – so situated that a line drawn from one to the other passes through the center of the Earth and forms a true diameter. The country antipode of the Philippines is Brazil. The antipode of Metro Manila, on the other hand, lies on the Chapada Dos Parecis mountain range, in the State of Mato Grasso, Brazil.
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Illustrated description of an Iguanodon,
from The How and Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs, p. 29
The First Dinosaur
          The iguanodon was the first giant reptile to be discovered (1822), described and named (1825), by English obstetrician and geologist Gideon Algernon Mantell (1790-1852). In fact, the word “dinosaur” had not even been invented at the time. This dinosaur got its name because of a mistake. When its remains were discovered, it has teeth like that of modern iguanas, only bigger, hence the name iguanodon (derived from “iguana” and “tooth”).
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Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Marceau, on the cover of 
Mr. & Ms. Vol. XXIII No. 35, January 11, 2000.
Larawang Tribiya
          Ang pelikulang The World is Not Enough (1999) ay tinampukan nina Pierce Brosnan bilang James Bond Agent 007 at ng French actress na si Sophie Marceau bilang Elektra King. Sa pelikulang ito, nabanaag ang hubad na dibdib ni Ms. Marceau sa bed scene nila ni Brosnan. Ito ay nangyari sa bahagi matapos bitiwan ni James Bond ang mga katagang “Enough ice for one night.”
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