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September 9

September issues of different magazines

Sexy (Movie) Stars Komiks Magazine Taon 1 Blg. 4, September 9, 1997
On the Cover: Rita Magdalena
Setyembre 9 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

          Noong Setyembre 9, 1968, ang Bais (sa lalawigan ng Negros Oriental) ay idineklarang isang lungsod sa pamamagitan ng Republic Act No. 5444.
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Personalities and celebrities born on September 9:
1878 – Sergio Suico Osmeña Sr, Speaker of the first Philippine Assembly (1907-1922), founder of the Nacionalista Party, and second president of the Philippine Commonwealth – in Cebu City (d. October 19, 1961).
1884 – Quintin Babila Paredes, lawyer, statesman, Speaker of the House of Representatives (1933-1935), Senate President (March 5, 1952 – April 17, 1952) – in Bangued, Abra (d. January 30, 1973).
1977 – Janelle So, Filipino-Chinese journalist and sportscaster – in Manila.
Janelle So (with Paolo Trillo)
on the cover of Mr. & Ms. (May 1, 2001).

1983 – Kristine Hermosa (full name Anne Kirsten Hermosa Orille), actress – in Quezon City.

Kristine Hermosa on the covers of Cosmopolitan Philippines (June 2009),
Speed (May 2010, 7th Anniversary issue), and Woman Today (July 1-15, 2010)

1988 – JM de Guzman (full name Juan Miguel de Guzman), actor.
1992 – Frencheska Farr (full name Marie Frencheska Tobias Farr), singer, actress and model – in Las Piñas City.

Ang Grandparents Day

Isang pagbati ng “Happy Grandparents Day”
(Iginuhit ni Dennis G. Dayao) ang itinampok
sa taklob-pahina ng Philippine Panorama
(September 12, 2010).
          Alam niyo ba na bukod sa karaniwang Mothers Day at Fathers Day ay mayroon ding Grandparents Day? Ito ay nagsimula noong 1978, nang ipoklama ni U.S. Presdient Jimmy Carter ang ikalawang araw ng Linggo ng buwan ng Setyembre bilang “Grandparents Day.” Ang pag-aalaala sa mga lolo at lola ay mula sa pagsisikap ng isang maybahay sa Fayette County, sa West Virginia, na nagngangalang Marian McQuade, na naglaan ng kaniyang panahon para sa kapakanan ng mga matatanda sa mga nursing homes.
          Sa taong 2012, ang Grandparents Day ay pumatak sa araw ng Setyembre 9.
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Picture Trivia
Oprah Winfrey on the covers of Entertainment Weekly (September 9, 1994)
and People weekly (September 9, 1996).
          Oprah Winfrey is considered as one of the most influential women in the world. Her biography is full of “sad” experiences, though it is one of the most extraordinary “rag-to-riches” stories. Noteworthy are her contribution in the field of broadcast media and her being a philanthropist. Her opinions are highly valued by her viewers and because of this any products she endorsed are well-received by the viewing consumers. Any products she mentioned in her show that she likes do well in the market. Any person she introduced in her show as “extraordinary” eventually becomes well-known and successful. Even books that are virtually unknown become bestsellers once she picked it to be part of her “Book Club.” This has been termed as the “Oprah Effect.”
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