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September 21

September issues of different magazines

Money Asia Vol. 3 No. 30, September 21, 1998)
On the Cover: BSP Governor Gabriel Singson stands on “No to Forex Controls”
(Illustration by Friedrich R. Varela).


Two young girls, survivors,
of the Magnitude 7.1 earthquake that occurred in
in Bou'in-Zahra, Qazvin Province, Iran, on September 1,1962, killing 12,225 people
on the cover of Life (September 21, 1962).
Setyembre 21 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

          Noong Setyembre 21, 1972, inilagay ni Pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos ang boong Pilipinas sa ilalim ng Batas Militar sa pamamagitan ng Proclamation No. 1081. Ginawa niya ito upang iligtas ang republika sa tuluyang pagbagsak sa gitna ng magkabi-kabilang panganib.
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Personalities and celebrities born on September 21:
1935 – Benjamin S. Abalos Sr, politician and chairman of the Commission on Elections (June 5, 2002 – October 1, 2007) – in Pangasinan.
1955 – Marjorie Evasco, poet – in Maribojoc, Bohol.
1966 – Ramil Gallego, billiards player – in Bacolod City.
1990 – Ivan Anthony Dorschner, American-Filipino actor and model – in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan,
on the cover of Time (September 21, 1981).
Picture Trivia
          The 40th president of the United States of America, Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004), is considered by majority American public opinion as one of the “best president” of their nation. In his own public admission, President Reagan said he has learned a lot from his best friend, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos regarding statesmanship and leadership. Foremost among these is to put the welfare of the majority over and above those of the ruling elite or the oligarchy.           Writing down a diary of each day of his presidency, all accounts of events and incidents, is an advice that he followed from Marcos. The collection of the accounts in his diary, published on May 2007 and titled The Reagan Diaries, became a bestseller.
          Remember that on his first term as president, on March 30, 1981, there was an assassination attempt on his life. The bullet barely missed his heart. Reagan is the first U.S. president that lived after an assassination attempt. After this, Reagan gained the highest approval rating in the history of U.S. presidency, and was elected for a second term.
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Quote of the Day
“We used to pride ourselves on being a generation of fighters. Today, we are called upon to become a generation of builders. Our mission is to build these foundations that will replace the bamboo supports of our agricultural economy, in the phrase of Rizal, with the bases of concrete and steel on which can rest a modern civilization and a fuller life of our people. This is central to the task of development.” – President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

President Ferdinand Marcos and his rallying message on the back cover
of the Ministry of Public Works & Highways Annual Report (1982),
and an inside page featuring the building of the Atugan Bridge in Mindanao.

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