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September 16

September issues of different magazines

Celebrity World Vol. 5 No. 262, September 16, 1996
On the Cover: Video Jockey Trey Fairley and Sophiya Haque

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) on the cover of
vintage magazine Suppressed (September 1954).
(Scan contributed by Robert Kalingasan Judd)
Setyembre 16 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

          Noong Setyembre 16, 1807, sinimulan ni Pedro Mateo Abaristo and Basi Revolt sa Piddig, Ilocos Norte. Ang paghihimagsik na ito ay tumagal lamang ng 12 araw.
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          Sa botong 12 laban sa 11, ibinasura ng Senado ng Pilipinas noong Setyembre 16, 1991, ang “Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Security” na magpapalawig sana ng pananatili ng mga base militar ng mga Amerikano sa Clark (Pampanga) at Subic (Zambales). Nauna rito, napilitang lumayas ang mga sundalong Amerikano sa dalawang kampo nang grabe itong salantain ng pagputok ng Mount Pinatubo, nagsimula noong Hunyo 12, 1991.
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Personalities and celebrities born on September 16:
1967 – Yayo Aguila (full name Maria Rosario Aguila), actress.
1969 – Jano Gibbs (full name Janno Ronaldo Gibbs), singer-songwriter, actor and comedian – in Manila.
1980 – Kitchie Nadal (full name Anna Katrina Dumilon Nadal), lead vocalist (Mojofly), singer and songwriter – in Manila.

Sex Education and Teenage Pregnancy
A 13-year-old model showcasing thealarming problem of teenage pregnancy,
on the cover of Plain Truth (September 1986)
          Sex Education is abroad term that pertains to the study of human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relationship, abstinence and contraception, reproductive rights and responsibilities, and other aspects of human sexuality and sexual behavior. According to global statistics, countries which do not have a genuine and comprehensive Sex Education have more cases and incidences of rape, sexually-transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy and abortion.          Do you know that in the United States, a 13-year-old girl needs the signed letter of approval from her parents before she can participate in a field trip? She also needs the same if she wants to have her ears pierced. What is alarming, however, according to Plain Truth, is that a 13-year-old girl can and is free to have sex whenever she wants to, and if she gets pregnant from this act of precociousness and promiscuity, she can have an abortion without her parents even knowing about it. This is what critics in the U.S. called “foolishness of American society.”
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A sexy and seductive Sophia Loren
on the cover of Life (September 16, 1966).
Picture Trivia
            Italian actress Sophia Loren was only 15 years old when she met Italian film producer Carlo Ponti, who was then 37 years old. After eight years they got married on September 17, 1957, even though Ponti was still married to his first wife Giuliana Fiastri. During those times, there was no divorce in Italy. Ponti and Loren need to dissolve their marriage or face a bigamy case. In 1965, Ponti was able to get a divorce from Fiastri in France, and on April 9, 1966, Ponti remarried Loren and they became French citizens.
          It can be said that the love story between Ponti and Loren is one among the most extraordinary. They both relinquished their citizenships and were unmindful of their age difference in the name of love. They loved and lived in blessings and hardship for more than 57 years until Ponti’s death in 2007.
          When Loren was asked if she would ever remarry, she replied: “No, never again. It would be impossible to love anyone else.”
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