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April 30

April 30
Life Magazine April 30, 1965
On the Cover: An 18-week old fetus in the womb photographed using an endoscope with an electronic flash by Swedish scientist and photojournalist Lennart Nilsson.
Caricatures of the people involved in the Watergate Scandal as illustrated by Jack Davis on the cover of Time April 30, 1973 issue (Notice the roundabout in the finger-pointing). The men surrounding President Nixon are (clockwise from upper left): James McCord, Jeb Magruder, H. R. Haldeman, John Dean, John Mitchell, and former Secretary of Commerce Maurice Stans. Ultimately, all were convicted of wrongdoing

Events that happened on April 30:
1603 – Second great fire engulfed Manila. The first happened 20 years earlier on March 19, 1583.
1901 – The so-called “Republic of Negros” was abolished making it a regular province.
1937 – A national plebiscite on women’s right to suffrage was held, the results of which gives women the right to vote and hold public office.

Personalities and celebrities born on April 30:
1865 – Patrocinio Gamboa, Ilonggo revolutionary worker – in Jaro, Iloilo (d. November 24, 1953).
1910 – Levi Celerio, composer, lyricist and National Artist for Music and Literature (1997), in Tondo, Manila (d. April 2, 2002).

Musician-composer extraordinaire, Levi Celerio,
from Miscellaneous Vol. VIII No. 174,
October 27, 1987, p. 32.
1930 – Pepe Pimentel (full name Jose Gonzales Pimentel), actor, singer and television show host – in Manila.


1967 – Christine Jacob (full name Christine Marie Sotto Jacob), swimming competitor, TV host, newscaster and award-winning TV personality – in Manila.
Christine Jacob
on the cover of MOD (March 26, 2004)

Drew Barrymore gracing the cover of
Biography April 1998 issue.
Larawang Tribiya

          Alam niyo ba na ang sikat na Hollywood actress na si Drew Barrymore ay lumabas sa mga cameo roles? Noong 1995, sa pelikulang Batman Forever (1995), nagkaroon ng cameo appearance si Barrymore bilang isa sa mga babae ng kontrabidang si Two-Face na nagngangalang Sugar, at nang sumunod na taon, lumabas din siya sa isang lead cameo sa pelikulang horror na Scream (1996).
          Kadalasang namang mga pelikulang may temang romantic comedy ang kaniyang pinagbibidahan, katulad ng Wishful Thinking (1996), Best Men (1997), The Wedding Singer (1998), Home Fries (1998), at Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998). Noong 1998, lumabas din siya bilang si Ariadne sa isang episode (“Hercules and the Minotaur”) ng TV series na Hercules.
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