Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10

April 10
Beauty Tapusan Komiks Magazine Vol. 1 No. 36, Abril 10, 1972
Tampok sa harapang taklob-pahina ang kuwento ni Lito Aragon na “Date.”
Tampok naman sa likurang pabalat ang mga mang-aawit
na sina Jun Polistico at Mildred Ortega.

Events that happened on April 10
1905 – The electric streetcar, known as the Tranvia, was inaugurated by the Meralco.
1915 – The Independent, a weekly publication, was founded by Vicente Sotto.
1976 – The Intramuros Administration was created by President Ferdinand Marcos, through Presidential Decree No. 1616.

Personalities and celebrities born on April 10:
1866 – Isidoro Torres, revolutionary general – in Matimbo, Malolos, Bulacan (d. December 5, 1928).
1912 – Macario Pineda, Tagalog fictionist – in Malolos, Bulacan (d. August 2, 1950).
1979 – Ryan Agoncillo (full name Kristoffer Lou Ryan Agoncillo), actor, model, TV host, photographer and motorcycle enthusiast – in Sta. Mesa, Manila.
Ryan Agoncillo
on the cover of Inside Showbiz (June 2011)

Norman Rockwell’s illustrative painting The Coward
on the cover of Life (April 10, 1919).
Picture Trivia
          The cover of Life magazine April 10, 1919 issue, is an illustrative painting by Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) titled The Coward. This was the 16th work of Rockwell that appeared on the cover of Life.
          The illustration was called “The Coward” not because the depicted soldier was a coward. On the contrary, one could see in the soldier’s uniform the medals that he received for his courage and heroism; he carries a cane suggesting he was injured in battle. The work’s title pertains to the soldier’s reaction towards the girl who tried to kiss him. That is, a courageous soldier who was shocked and in dread of such a sudden act that he let go of his beret and cane. On the other hand, one could see the girl’s anxiousness to kiss the soldier as she is in haste to approach him. The work is also called “Girl Kissing Soldier.”
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