Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6

MOD Filipina Vol. 20 No. 845, November 6, 1987
On the Cover: Agie Ilustre

Nobyembre 6 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

          Noong Nobyembre 6, 1999, ang Knowledge Channel, ang kauna-unahang educational cable channel sa Pilipinas ay inilunsad at nagsimulang magsahimpapawid.
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American actor at radio-TV personality Warren Hull (1903-1974),
on the cover of TV Guide (November 6-12, 1953).
Personalities and celebrities born on November 6:
1915 – Nicanor Espina Yniguez, lawmaker and Speaker of Batasang Pambansa (July 23, 1984 – March 25, 1986) – in Maasin Leyte (d. April 13, 2007)
1939 – Leonardo A. Quisumbing, law professor and jurist – in Masbate City.

1978 – Jolina Magdangal-Escueta (birth name Maria Jolina Prerez Magdangal), singer and actress

Jolina Magdangal (with her mom Paulita)
on the cover of Mr. & Ms. (August 8, 2000).
1979 – Marc Abaya (full name Ramon Marcelino Diaz Abaya), musician, television, video jockey and actor.
1983 – Janette Heather McBride, Australian-Filipino actress – in Queensland, Australia.
Janette McBride (with Onemig Bondoc)
on the cover of Mr. & Ms. (February 15, 2000)


1989 – Shaina Magdayao (full name Shaina Garcia Magdayao), actress, dancer, singer and model – in Quezon City.  
Shaina Magdayao
on the covers of Cosmopolitan Philippines (November 2007), Seventeen  (January-February 2009),
and Woman Today (March 1-15, 2010).

A naked Madonna hitchicking
and covered only by a “question mark”
on the cover of Entertainment Weekly
(November 6, 1992).
Picture Trivia
          In 1992, Madonna played the role of a baseball player name Mae Mordabito in the film A League of Their Own. She also sang the theme song of the film, “This Used to Be My Playground,” which reached the Number 1 spot on the “Hot 100” list. It was also in 1992 when Madonna established her entertainment company, Maverick.           A joint venture was made between Maverick and Time Warner, which gave her an advance payment of 60 million dollars. The joint venture first released Madonna’s book titled Sex. It contained nude and sexually provocative pictures of Madonna taken by photographer Steven Meisel. It was criticized by the media, but the book (tagged at 50 dollars) sold more than 1.5 million copies in just a few days.
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