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November 21

November issues of different magazines


Fortune magazine, November 21, 2011
On the Cover: An illustration of “Facebook vs. Google! Battle for the Future of the Web”
(article written by Miguel Helft and Jessi Hempel)
Nobyembre 21 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

          Noong Nobyembre 21, 1849, naglabas ng dikreto ang Spanish governor na si Narciso Claveria na nag-uutos ng pagkakaroon ng Kastilang apelyido para sa mga Filipino upang magkaroon ng pamantayan sa mga tala na magpapadali ng pagkuha ng census, paggawad ng buwis at pamamahala.
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Mexican actor Ricardo Montalban (when he was 29 years old),
on the cover of Life (November 21, 1949).
Personalities and celebrities born on November 21:
1941 – Roberto dela Cruz, champion  professional boxer – in Baguio City.
1967 – Tobias “Toby” M. Tiangco, politician – in Navotas, Metro Manila.
1970 – Kristin Karen Davila, newscaster, television host and award-winning broadcast journalist.
Karen Davila
on the covers of Celebrity World (August 14, 1995) and MOD (December 16 2005).

1972 – Betong (real name Albert Sumaya Jr), journalist, comedian and television host – in Antipolo, Rizal.
1989 – Ejay Lasap Falcon, model and actor – in Pola, Oriental Mindoro

Mariah Carey on the cover of
Us Weekly (November 21, 2011).
Picture Trivia
          Do you know that renowned singer Mariah Carey gave birth to twins? It happened on April 30, 2011, the day of her third wedding anniversary with husband Nick Cannon. They named the fraternal twins Monroe and Morrocan.
          Due to her pregnancy, Carey became bloated and overweight, but in just a span of about six months, she was able to regain her sexy figure.
          In November 2011, Carey’s net worth was announced to exceed 500 million dollars.

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