Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26


Tagalog Klasiks Blg. 67, Enero 26, 1952
Tampok sa taklob-pahina: “Ang Mahiwagang Alpombra” sa Kuwento ni Lola Basyang
ni Severino Reyes
January 26 in Philippine History:
1821 – Governor-General Mariano Fernandez de Folgueras and Archbishop Luis de Arrejola issued instructions for the election of Filipino deputies to the Spanish Cortez.
1967 – Gil J. Puyat became Senate President of the Philippines. He held the position for six years until the Senate was abolished by Martial Law.
1970 – Youth and student demonstration in front of the Philippine Congress calling for a nonpartisan constitutional convention, which led to more protest rallies. Imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism were the main issues of the student movement that came to be called the “First Quarter Storm.”

Pinoy personalities and celebrities born on January 26:
National Artist Napoleon Abueva,
photo courtesy of

        1930 – Napoleon Isabelo Veloso Abueva, National Artist for Sculpture (1976) and “Father of Modern Philippine Sculpture” – in Tagbilaran, Bohol.

Imelda Papin’s campaign poster
for the 2010 senatorial election.


1956 – Imelda Papin (full name Maria Patricia Imelda A. Papin), singer, jukebox queen and vice-governor – in Presentacion, Camarines Sur.

Laughing Out Loud!
Two of Henry Gapas’s late 1980s editorial caricatures that he did for Times Journal newspaper.
Left: “But we’re only solving our foreign exchange problem!” on US dollar counterfeiting.
Right: “Who’s ahead?” on the problem of carnapping.

Picture Trivia 
Left: Lion on the cover of Wild (Winter 2010).
Right: Tiger on the cover of Wildlife (November 2011)
          Contrary to popular belief, the lion (Panthera leo) is not the largest species of cat existing today, but the tiger (Panthera tigris). Tigers can grow up to 650 pounds while lions are usually in the vicinity of 500 pounds. The liger which is the interbreeding of a male lion and a female tiger can grow even bigger than its parents.

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