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February 6

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February issues of different magazines

February 6

Sports World Magazine Vol. X No. 3, February 6, 1982
On the Cover: Jean Saburit

Events that happened on February 6
1899 – The U.S. Senate formally ratified the Treaty of Paris between the U.S. and Spain. This gave the U.S. military a free hand in the subjugation of the Philippines.
1905 – The title of “Civil Governor” for the American administrator of the Philippines was replaced with “Governor-General” by the U.S. Congress. Luke Edward Wright was the first American governor-general of the Philippines.
1957 – Claro M. Recto made his historic speech against American colonialism.
1964 – Camp Murphy was renamed Camp Emilio Aguinaldo.
2012 – A Magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit Negros and Cebu islands devastating several towns causing landslide, the collapse of bridges and buildings. Its epicenter was on the town of Tayasan. It also revealed a new fault line running about 30 to 50 kilometers underwater between the two islands.

Personalities and celebrities born on February 6:
The Life and Works of Marcelo Adonay, Volume 1.

1848 – Marcelo Adonay, musician and composer of church music during the Spanish era – in Pakil, Laguna. (d. February 8, 1928)

1902 – Juan M. Elizalde, guerilla leader and World War II hero. (d. August 30, 1944)
1931 – Ricardo Jamin Vidal, Catholic cardinal priest – in Mogpog, Marinduque.
Picture of Eddie Gutierrez during his mid-20s

1942 – Eddie Gutierrez (full name Jorge Eduardo Pickett Gutierrez), actor – in Manila.

30-year-old Eva Gabor on the cover of
Life Magazine February 6, 1950 issue.

Larawang Tribiya
          Si Eva Gabor (1919-1995) ang kauna-unahan sa kanilang tatlong magkakapatid (ang dalawa pa ay sina Zsa Zsa at Magda Gabor) na nakarating sa America. Ito ay kasama ng kaniyang unang asawang si Eric V. Drimmer, isang Swedish osteopath, noong 1939, matapos silang magpakasal sa London. Ang unang pelikulang nilabasan niya sa America ay ang Forced Landing (1941), na pinagbidahan ni Richard Arlen (1899-1976),  kung saan gumanap si Gabor bilang Johanna van Deuren.
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