Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28

February issues of different magazines

February 28
February 28 (1983): People Weekly
On the Cover: Brooke Shields

Events that happened on February 28
1583 – A large fire destroyed almost all houses in Manila.
1974 – Issuance of Philippine Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) license to Twinkle Vinzons for a nuclear-powered heart pacemaker, the first in Asia.

Personalities and celebrities born on February 28:
1847 – Roman Faustino, prominent painter – in Cavite.
1877 – Roman Ongpin, philanthropist, nationalist businessman, co-founder of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, and first treasurer of the Union Obrera de Filipinas – in Binondo, Manila. (d. December 10, 1912)
1916 – Cesar Cortez Climaco, politician – in Zamboanga City. (d. November 14, 1984) 
1942 – Leandro “Biboy” Enriquez, hotelier and world champion cockfighter.

Hindu novelist Shobha Dé on the cover of
Asiaweek February 28, 1997 issue.

Larawang Tribiya
          Ayon sa opinyon ng Hindu novelist na si Shobha Dé: “Men rarely ‘make love.’ They generally ‘have sex.’ Women equate the two and end up feeling sorry for themselves.” Sinabi rin niya na ang mga makabagong kalalakihan ay nakababagot at magaspang ang pag-uugali.
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