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May 20

 MAY 20
Tagalog Klasiks Blg. 23, Mayo 20, 1950
Tampok sa taklob-pahina ang "Perlas ng Kamorohan" ni Cristino Esteban Flores
na iginuhit ni Alfredo Alcala

Events that happened on May 20
1898 – The establishment of the Philippine Navy began.
1994 – The 43rd Miss Universe Beauty Pageant was held at the Plenary Hall of the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. Sushmita Sen of India won the pageant, and the Philippine candidate, Charlene Gonzales placed sixth overall.

Personalities and celebrities born on May 20:
1975 – Miriam Redito Quiambao, television host, model and 1999 Miss Universe First Runner-Up – in Quezon City.
Miriam Quiambao
on the covers of MOD (June 4, 1999) and Playboy Philippines (August 2008)

1988 – Carla Humphries (full name Madeleine Lauren Humphries), Filipino-American actress and model, in California, U.S.A.
Carla Humphries
on the cover of FHM Philippines (January 2011)

1991 – Mara Lopez (full name Mara Isabella Lopez Yokohama), surfer, model and actress.
Mara Lopez
on the covers of MOD Girl (March 3, 2006) and Playboy Philippines (May-June 2014).

Traci Lords on the cover of
Details (May 1995).
Picture Trivia
          Nora Louise Kuzma is better known in the pornographic film industry as Traci Lords. At the age of 15, Kuzma used a California driver’s license with the name Kristie Nussbaum and faked her age to be 18 so that she could do nude modeling.
          The first porno film that Kuzma did under the screen name Traci Lords is What Gets Me Hot (1984), when she was barely 16 years old. She was paid 200 dollars for it. Under American law, because Kuzma was still a minor, the film What Gets Me Hot and 77 other sex films she did before her 18th birthday is considered “child pornography.” Today, the original and uncut version of What Gets Me Hot (79 minutes) is considered a collector’s item.
          The only porno film legally available in the United States uncut is Traci I Love You (1987), which she herself produced.
          According to an interview in A Current Affair (1988), Lords quit the porno industry in 1986 after she was arrested by the FBI. In the next two years, she tried to put her life in order by joining the Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
          The first mainstream film she did was the remake of Roger Corman’s sci-fi Not of This Earth (1988), though she also did two nude scenes.
          In 1995, Lords had a guest appearance in the popular TV series Melrose Place. In that same year, she also ventured into singing and had her solo album 1,000 Fires. The album includes the single “Control” (February 1995), which reached the Number 2 of the Billboard Top Dance/Club Songs Chart, and “Fallen Angel” (September 1995), which reached Number 11. The instrumental version of “Control” was used in the movie adaptation of the video game Mortal Combat, while “Fallen Angel” became the soundtrack of the film Virtuosity (1995).

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