Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28

July issues of different magazines

OK! July 28, 2008
On the Cover: Jessica Alba and her first baby, Honor Marie Alba Warren (first published picture)

Doris Day on the cover of Down Beat (July 28, 1948).

Events that happened on July 28:
1963 – The plane carrying 24 Filipino boy scout delegates to the 11th World Boy Scout Jamboree in Greece crashed in the Arabian Sea.
1995 – The Enchanted Kingdom, an amusement theme park in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, was first opened to the public.

Personalities and celebrities born on July 28:
1941 – Susan Roces (real name Jesusa Purificacion Sonora), multi-awarded actress – in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.
Susan Roces
on the covers of Literary Song-Movie Magazine (May 23, 1963), Pinoy Komiks (July 1, 1968),
and Expressweek (June 16, 1977 and September 14, 1978).
1969 – Alice Dixson (full name Josie Alice Celeones Dixson), actress – in Quezon City.
Alice Dixson
on the cover of FHM Philippines (December 2013)


Catwoman as portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer
(for the film Batman Returns)
on the cover of Flicks (July 1992).
Picture Trivia
          Many Hollywood actresses were considered to play the role of Catwoman in the film Batman Returns (1992) but Michelle Pfeiffer was fortunate to be chosen. Among them were Lena Olin and Madonna. Sean Young and Susan Sarandon very much like to portray Catwoman. The role was also offered to Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman but they both declined. Annette Bening was first chosen for the role but she was pregnant at the time and so she was replaced by Pfeiffer.
          Pfeiffer was paid three million dollars in contrast to the two million dollars offered to Bening.
          In the six months of filming Batman Returns, 60 Catwoman costumes were used by Pfeiffer each of which cost 1,000 dollars.
          There is one thing that Pfeiffer did in the film that perhaps none of the other contending actresses can or would consent to do – that is put a live bird inside her mouth.
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