Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13

Silangan Komiks Taon 1 Blg. 5, Hulyo 13, 1950
Tampok sa taklob-pahina ang “Buntala” ni Francisco V. Coching.

Events that happened on July 13:
2001 – More than 200 students, farmers, fishermen, tricycle drivers, vendors and religious leaders were rounded up, detained and tortured in Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi and the Zamboanga Peninsula as a consequence of the “state of lawlessness” declared by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Personalities and celebrities born on July 13:
1852 – Juan Araneta, revolutionary leader in Western Visayas and founder of the so-called negros republic – in Bago, Negros Occidental (d. October 3, 1924).
1860 – Anacleto del Rosario – Chemist, doctor of pharmacy and “Father of Philippine Laboratory Science” – in Sta. Cruz, Manila (d. May 2, 1895).
1905 – Alfredo Manapat Santos, AFP Chief of Staff (1962-1965) and first four-star general of the AFP – Sta. Cruz, Manila. (d. February 7, 1990)
1924 – Alejandro Reyes Roces, journalist, writer, educator and National Artist for Literature (2003) – in Manila (d. May 23, 2011).
1935 – Eduardo R. Ermita, military officer and politician – in Balayan, Batangas.
1950 – Sakur Tan (full name Abdusakur Mahail Tan), politician of Chinese-Tausug descent – in Maimbung, Sulu.
1964 – Perfecto “Patrick” dela Rosa, actor – in Mindoro.
1977 – Jake Roxas, actor and model.

Jake Roxas (with Mylene Dizon)
on the cover of Mr. & Ms (December 9, 1997)

1978 – Gary David, professional basketball player – in Dinalupihan, Bataan.


Bo Derek on the cover of High Society
(July 1980).
Picture Trivia
          The real name of American actress, model and sex symbol Bo Derek is Mary Cathleen Collins. She rose to stardom after portraying the role of Jenny Hanley in the film 10 (1979) directed by Blake Edwards. This was followed by A Change of season (1980) and Tarzan the Ape Man (1981). Bo Derek’s first leading role for which she used the name Kathleen Collins was in the R-rated Fantasies (made in 1973) under the direction of her would-be husband John Derek. She was only 17-year-old. There was difficulty in marketing the film, so it was only in 1981 when it was released in theaters. On the other hand, Bo Derek was first seen in the film Orca (1977).
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