Sunday, June 25, 2017

Humor & Rage: Here Comes the Flood

Men’s World Vol. 1 No. 13, June 25, 1990
On the front cover: Former Manila Mayor Gemiliano C. Lopez Jr
On the back cover: A 1989 caricature drawing of the All-Filipino PBA players
done by Larry Mallari for the Kaypee rubber shoes.

The second issue of my semi-editorial column Humor & Rage subtitled “Here Comes the Flood.”

“LORD, You are loyal to those who are loyal, and You are good to those who are good. You are pure to those who are pure, but You are against those who are bad. You save the humble, but You bring down those who are proud.” – Psalms 18:25-27, The Everyday Bible, New Century Version.

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