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Collecting Coins

MOD Vol. 26 No. 1189, June 17, 1994
On the cover: Miss Universe 1994 Second Runner-up, Minorka Mercado of Venezuela

A brief article turned 2-page spread, which featured some coins from my collection.

My poem “Man With the Plow” was also published in this MOD June 17, 1994 issue.


There can be no greater work
Than to serve the fertile lands;
To offer man and his brothers
The fruits – gifts to the callous hands.

There’s no shade under the heat
Nor comfort to the soiled feet.
Yet the wind is merciful;
The springwater tastes so sweet.

Obedient is the black servant,
Endeavoring for a purpose.
Enduring and noble is the tiller,
A worker without repose.

Hardened are the palms,
Endowed with honor and experience.
Scorched is the skin, darkened,
Brown like the soil, hue of reverence.

For every drop of blood and sweat
That falls to the arid ground,
Grains to the future infants,
Sacrifice repaid unbound.

The grains of green are sprouting,
Golden they shall in a week.
Rewards blest with blood,
A task so great, yet so meek.

A determined worker
Who asks but a humble tomorrow.
An awesome task, a simple dream
Of the man with the plow.

Indeed, there are many great heroes
From simple birth or royal spoil.
Yet none more noble and grand
Than the tillers of the soil.

(Slightly altered from the published verses.)

“Everyone who lives ought to be wise; it is as good as receiving an inheritance and will give you as much security as money can. Wisdom keeps you safe – this is the advantage of knowledge.” Ecclesiastes 7:11-12, The Good News Bible in Today English Version.

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