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August 9

Mga komiks (comics) na lumabas sa sirkulasyon sa buwan ng Agosto

Tagalog Illustrated Stories Taon 54 Blg. 2755, Agosto 9, 2004
Nasa taklob-pahina ang kuwentong “Immoral” ni Ruben Marcelino na nagsimula sa isyu na ito.

Agosto 9 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas 

The bright red TV5 Logo

          Noong Agosto 9, 2008, ang TV5, na dating ABC-5, ay pormal na inilunsad ng media conglomerate na Associated Broadcasting Company, at tinawag itong “The Kapatid Network.”
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Personalities and celebrities born on August 9:
1876 – Josephine Bracken (full name Maria Josephine Leopoldine Bracken), Irish woman which is historically the wife of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal – in Victoria, Hong Kong (d. March 15, 1902).

Josphine Bracken, on the right of Dr. Jose Rizal.
Rizal has been portrayed as taller than Leonor Rivera and Josephine Bracken.
In truth both women are taller than him. Scaling available photographs,
the comparative heights of Rivera, Rizal and Bracken can be estimated.
Based on Perard’s Anatomical Proportioning, their heights can be scaled as follows:
156.24 ± 1 centimeters (roughly 5 feet 2 inches) for Rivera,
154.22 ± 1 centimeters (about 5 feet 1 inch) for Rizal, and
164.38 ± 1 centimeters (a little over 5 feet 4.5 inches) for Bracken.
(Numbers and photoshopped picture by Ernee Lawagan)

1906 – Roque Ablan, soldier and public servant – Laoag, Ilocos Norte.
1981 – Rodel Mayol (full name Rodel Bryan Generalao Mayol), champion professional boxer – in Mandaue City, Cebu.

Amber Lynn on the cover of
Club (August 1986).
Picture Trivia
          Amber Lynn (real name Laura Lynn Allen) is the youngest child of a retired U.S. Air Force officer. She started in the adult film industry in 1984. She has an older brother who is also a porn actor, Buck Adams (Charles Stephen Allen, 1955-2008). This was not revealed until they were forced by circumstance in 1986, when they were told that they will be doing a sex scene together.
          On September 3, 1992, on her 28th birthday, she helped gather funds for the financial assistance of the Youth Aide Foundation of Los Angeles, a group helping strayed youths. On the August 1992 issue of The Los Angeles Times, she said: “Let’s give them food, clothing and shelter and we’ll worry about role models later.”
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  1. Almost 10 years after it was launched, TV5 is now focused lately on sports, which, in the eyes of some media critics, is the perfect ingredient to make TV5 an "alternate" station, veering away from the never-ending network war involving ABS-CBN and GMA.