Monday, July 24, 2017

Remembering the Handshake in Space

Celebrity World Vol. 4 No. 206, July 24, 1995
On the cover: Maricel Morales and Archie Siquian

On July 17, 1975, an American Apollo spacecraft carrying three American astronauts linked-up with the Russian Soyuz with two Russian cosmonauts on board, and afterwards, the leaders of the American and Russian teams shook hands. This article was written to commemorate that “handshake in space” 20 years after.

Also in this issue of Celebrity World (July 24, 1995), is G.I.S.T What? featuring the 1975 link-up in space and also the 1995 Discovery-Mir rendezvous, and other interesting chunks of information.

“Love and Loyalty now meet, Righteousness and Peace now embrace; Loyalty reaches up from earth and Righteousness leans down from heaven.” – The Psalms 85:10-11, The Jerusalem Bible.

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