Monday, July 10, 2017

A Second Rate Trying Hard Copycat

MOD Vol. 37 No. 1809, July 10, 2006
On the cover: Regine Tolentino

For someone who grew up reading Darna and Captain Barbell on komiks and had the privilege of being mentored in komiks script writing by the “Maestro of Komiks” himself, Mars Ravelo, I am bound by conscience to write this article after watching GMA-7’s Captain Barbell (2006). The title, “A Second Rate Trying Hard Copycat?” was not to degrade Captain Barbell but rather to call the attention of people concern with regards to blatant plagiarism.

Also in this MOD July 10, 2006 issue is the article “Body-Beautiful” (pp. 52-53), which is about the things that Hollywood actresses do to stay fit and sexy.
“Certainly the one that is doing wrong will receive back what he wrongly did, and there is no partiality.” – To the Colossians 3:25, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

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