Saturday, April 15, 2017

Swallowing Weird Things

MOD Vol. 37 No. 1798, April 14, 2006
On the cover: Plinky Recto

One of the cover articles, “How to Teach Your Children Virtue” (p.39), a re-written article, and though shortened from the original write-up, is still timeless in what it imparts. SEE August 14, 2017 post.

MOD Girl April 14, 2006
On the cover: Evelyne Mertens

A special crossword puzzle for the ladies.

Celebrity World Vol. 3 No. 140, April 14, 1994
On the cover: Ina Raymundo

The following article is a compiled collection of people “Swallowing Weird Things” whether accidentally, unknowingly or deliberately. Branded as “Gluttony of the Stupid kind,” it was featured in the “Oddities Section” (pp. 10-11) of Celebrity World April 14, 1994 issue.


“When a fool laughs, it is like thorns crackling in a fire. It doesn’t mean a thing.” – Ecclesiastes 7:6, The Good News Bible in Today’s English Version.

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