Monday, April 3, 2017

An Eagle Named "Hope"

MOD Filipina Vol. 24 No. 1074, April 3, 1992
On the cover: Mary Catherine “Pinky” Mejorada

The article, “Taj Mahal: Fading Memory of an Enduring Love” (p. 10), I remember I wrote after I read a newspaper article about “how pollution is destroying India’s historic symbol.

On this MOD Filipina April 3, 1992 issue, I also wrote the article, “An Eagle Named Hope” (p.12). This is 25 years ago after the news that the first ever fertilized egg of the rare Philippine eagle bred in captivity through artificial insemination was hatched. The eaglet was name Pag-asa (Hope). NOTE: In the article, President Rodrigo Duterte was mayor of Davao City, and it was mentioned that he made a pledge to donate 100,000 pesos from his discretionary funds for Pag-asa. The popular Astig President was already in my article 25 years ago!

Celebrity World Vol. 4 No. 191, April 3, 1995
On the cover: Melanie Marquez
The events written in this Celebrity World cover story, “Flowers and Contemplations for Flor (Contemplacion)” (pp.8-9), happened more than 22 years ago, when an injustice was committed to a Filipina in Singapore, a nation supposedly known for its democratic ideals. It was aptly supratitled “Eulogy for a Martyr,” because the Singaporean court of justice literally made her a martyr when they imposed the death penalty on an innocent housewife.

“Happy is the person who trust the LORD, who doesn’t turn to those who are proud or to those who worship false gods. LORD my God, you have done many miracles. Your plans for us are many. If I tried to tell them all, there would be too many to count.” – Psalms 40:4-5, The Everyday Bible, New Century Version.

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