Monday, July 3, 2017

A Saga of Love

TV Star Guide Vol. 7 No. 79, July 2006
On the cover: Rock band Supernova members Jason Newsted, Tommy Lee, Gilby Clarke.

One of my favorite Asian TV series, Love of the Condor Heroes, is a “A Saga of Love” (pp. 22-23) that I really love watching and had fun writing the reviews.

“My beloved spoke, saying to me: ‘Rise up, my darling; my fair one, come away. For see, the winter is past! The rains are over and gone; the flowers appear in the countryside; the season of birdsong is come, and the turtle-dove’s cooing is heard in our land; the green figs ripen on the fig trees and the vine blossoms give forth their fragrance. Rise up, my darling; my fair one, come away.’” – The Song of Songs 2:10-13, The Revised English Bible.

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