Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26

April 26
Life Vol. 36 No. 17, April 26, 1954
On the cover: Grace Kelly

Events that happened on April 26:
1897 – General Emilio Aguinaldo ordered the arrest of Andres Bonifacio for treason.
2011 – The Department of Justice filed a case of plunder against former president and current Pampanga Second District representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Personalities and celebrities born on April 26:
1958 – Jamby Madrigal (full name Maria Ana Ligaya Esperanza Consuelo Abad Santos Madrigal), politician and senator – in Manila.
1988 – Hazel Ann Mendoza (Lourdes Angelic Teofisto Pla), actress – in Barcelona, Spain.

Illustration of the Mononykus,
wrongly called “Mononychus”
in the cover of Time (April 26, 1993)
Picture Trivia
           Do you know that there is an animal that lived during the Cretaceous Period that up to now scientists are still in disagreements whether it is a dinosaur or a bird? This is the Mononykus.
          The body of the Mononykus is about a meter in length. It walked on two thin legs at had huge eyes. When it was first discovered, it was initially given the name Mononychus (spelled with a “ch” instead of “k”) in 1993 (SEE cover page). It was, however, immediately changed upon discovery that there was already an animal with such a name, a specie of beetle named by German entomologist Johan Schueppel.
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  1. Please come up with more MOD and Atlas TV Guide covers and features.

  2. Galing naman nito!

  3. April 26 also marks the birthday of actor/singer Daniel Padilla, in 1995.