Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hiring People: New Grads or Career Shifters?

Spiff Vol. 1 No. 4, June 2008
On the front cover: Ziera Pagkalinawan
On the back cover: Cory Quirino for the METtathione print ad.

This article, “Hiring People: New Grads or Career Shifters?” (pp. 72-73), pardon me for saying, is one those write-ups that gives me the ennui, but I still need to research and do a good job. It is about the Call Center Industry (CCI) in the Philippines and its impact in the national socioeconomic environment.

“Happy are those who obey the LORD, who live by His commands. Your work will provide for your needs; you will be happy and prosperous.” – Psalms 128:1-2, The Good News Bible in Today’s English Version.

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