Thursday, March 16, 2017

Let's Save Our Planet: Charge of the Last Tamaraw

Mr. & Ms. Vol. 22 No. 46, March 16, 1999
On the cover: Piolo Pascual and Angela Grant
I’m a consistent contributor for the Mr. & Ms. magazine section “Let’s Save Our Planet.” This one, “Charge of the Last Tamaraw” (p. 39) is a reissue taken from the 9-part special features article “An Education of Philippine Endangered Species” published earlier in Celebrity World magazine (September 4 – October 30, 1995), for which I won the top prize of the Science and technology Journalism Award sponsored by the Philippines Press Institute and the Philippine Geothermal Inc. 

“In addition, I have noticed that in this world you find wickedness where justice and right ought to be. I told myself, ‘GOD is going to judge the righteous and the evil alike, because every thing, every action, will happen at its own set time.’ I decided that GOD is testing us, to show us that we are no better than animals. After all, the same fate awaits man and animal alike. One dies just like the other.....” – Ecclesiastes 3:16-19, The Good News Bible in Today’s English Version

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