Friday, May 26, 2017

The Love Bug: Proudly Philippine Made?

MOD Vol. 32 No. 1496, May 26, 2000
On the cover: Josephine Canonizado

Anyone of you still remember the Love Bug? Not the Volksvagen but the "ILOVEYOU" Virus that caused over 10 billion dollars in damages throughout the world. I wrote an article about it a week after it wreck havoc around the globe, in MOD May 26, 2000 “Headliner” titled “The Love Bug: Proudly Philippine-Made?”

MOD Vol. 37 No. 1803, May 26, 2006
On the cover: Cindy Kurleto

The article “Keep Your Bathroom Child-Safe” (p.39) is about simple tips that could prevent injuries and accidents that could otherwise be fatal.

Also in this MOD May 26, 2006 issue’s “Starliner” section is the article “Here Comes the Superheroes” (pp. 52-53).

“No one can see his own errors; deliver me, LORD, from hidden faults! Keep me safe, also, from willful sins; don’t let them rule over me. Then I shall be perfect and free from the evil of sin.” – Psalms 19:12-13, The Good News Bible in Today’s English Version.

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