Sunday, May 28, 2017

Poetry: My Love for You

MOD Vol. 25 No. 1134, May 28, 1993
On the cover: Eileen Grace Lapid Gaspar

On this MOD May 28, 1993 issue is my poem “My Love for You” (p. 44). Written about two years earlier before being published, and just like the poem “A Sonnet for Hilda” (Published in MOD Filipina, May 10, 1991 – SEE May 10, 2017 post), I wasn’t able to give to the intended recipient.


One could write all the passionate verses
          and challenge the greatest poets,
                    but still no one can write an epic
                              greater than my love for you!

One could paint all the beautiful portraits
          and overwhelm the greatest masters,
                    but still no one can paint a masterpiece
                              greater than my love for you!

One could offer all the rarest diamonds
          and bestow the greatest riches,
                    but still no one can offer a price
                              greater than my love for you.

If only you could see through my heart,
          then you will know the truth,
                    and the truth will speak
                              only of my love for you!


“Who can understand the human heart? There is nothing else so deceitful; it is too sick to be healed.” – The Book of Jeremiah 17:9, The Good News Bible in Today’s English Version.

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