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February 4

February 4
Mr. & Ms. Vol. 27 No. 41, February 4, 2003
On the Cover: Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant
Events that happened on February 4
Illustration of an American soldier
(during Philippine-American War)
by an unknown artist, taken from
Filway’s Philippine Almanac, p. 58.

1899 – Start of the Philippine-American War, with the shooting of a Filipino soldier at the San Juan del Monte Bridge. The shooting triggered encounters that spread to Paco and Sta. Ana, Manila.
          – General Maximino Hizon defeated the American forces in the Battle of Kalookan.

1916 – The Philippine National Bank was established to help in the development of the Philippine economy. It initially provided capital to develop the sugar industry and managed such companies as the Manila Railroad Company and the Manila Hotel.
1945 – In the on-going liberation of Manila, retreating Japanese forces massacred thousands of Filipino civilians and prisoners of war.
2006 – Stampede during the first anniversary celebration of ABS-CBN noontime show Wowowee at the PhilSports Arena (formerly ULTRA) in Pasig City resulted in 71 deaths and 957 injuries.

Personalities and celebrities born on February 4:
1928 – Monching Mitra (full name Ramon Villarosa Mitra), politician and Speaker of the House of Representatives (1987-1992) – in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. (d. March 20, 2000)

“The Brain’s Blueprint:
Mapping the most complex object
in the known universe”
on the cover of New Scientist
(February 2011).
Picture Trivia

          Do you know the difference between neuroscience, neurology, psychology and psychiatry? Neuroscience is the modern scientific study of the human brain and its uses and functions, while neurology is the medical science of the human mind and everything relative to it. Psychology is the science or study pertaining to human mentality, while psychiatry is the medical study pertaining to the causes and treatment of mental disorder.
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