Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Protect Yourself and Your Children from Dengue

Mr. & Ms. Vol. 24 No. 14, August 8, 2000
On the cover: Jolina Magdangal ang her mom Paulita

I’ve written several articles on “dengue” for different magazines. This one, “Protect Yourself and Your Children from Dengue,” was written 17 years ago.

“The kind of fasting I want is this: Removed the chains of oppression and the yoke of injustice, and let the oppressed go free. Share your food with the hungry and open your homes to the homeless poor. Gives clothes to those who have nothing to wear, and do not refuse to help your own relatives. Then my favor will shine on you like the morning sun, and your wounds will be quickly healed. I will always be with you to save you; my presence will protect you on every side. When you pray, I will answer you. When you call to me, I will respond.” – The Book of Isaiah 58:6-9, The Good News Bible in Today’s English Version.

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