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October 21

October issues of different magazines

Time Vol. 88 No.17, October 21, 1996
On the Covers: President Ferdinand E. Marcos

Oktubre 21 sa Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

          Noong Oktubre 21, 1964, ginawaran ang boksingerong Filipino na si Anthony Villanueva ng medalyang pilak (silver medal) sa bantamweight division sa Tokyo Olympics.
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The 33-year-old Captain Ronald Reagan (1911-2004) when he was in the U.S. Army,
on the cover of Modern Screen (October 1944).

Personalities and celebrities born on October 21:
1923 – Cesar Adib Majul, academician and historical writer – in Aparri, Cagayan (d. October 11, 2003).
1926 – Olivia Cenizal (real name Gloria Pagtakhan Maigue), actress – in Imus, Cavite (d. April 14, 2008).

1937 – Hilarion “Larry” Silva – amateur boxer, actor, comedian and politician – in Manila (d. April 27, 2004).

1962 – Rory B. Quintos, film director – in Manila.
1985 – Rainier Castillo (full name Rainier Joseph Diaz Castillo), actor, singer, dancer and model – in Quezon City.
Rainier Castillo
on the cover of True Horoscope Stories (February 27, 2004).

Clint Eastwood (for the film Joe Kidd)
on the cover of Film Review (October 1972).
Picture Trivia
          Do you know that in 1972, when Sean Connery said he would no longer appear in film as James Bond, the role of British Agent 007 was offered to Clint Eastwood? Eastwood, however, declined saying the role of James Bond is appropriate only to a British actor. He instead did the film Joe Kidd that flopped in the box office.

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