Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26

Mga komiks (comics) na lumabas sa sirkulasyon sa buwan ng Hulyo

Espesya Komiks Blg. 47, Hulyo 26, 1954
Tampok sa taklob-pahina ang nobelang-komiks ni Daniel Lopez na “Saragate”
na iginuhit ni Tony Zuñiga

29-year-old Marilyn Monroe (for the film The Seven Year Itch)
on the cover of Photoplay July 1955 issue.

Events that happened on July 26:
1969 – U.S. President Richard Nixon and his wife arrived in Manila for a state visit.

Personalities and celebrities born on July 26:
1844 – Deodato Arellano, one of the founder of the Katipunan and its first president – in Bulacan, Bulacan (d. October 7, 1899).
 1879 – Jorge Pineda, carcaturist and illustrator, the first to draw the image of “Juan de la Cruz” in the pages of the Philippine Free Press – in Sta. Cruz, Manila.
1961 – Cholo Laurel (full name Rafael Manuel Hidalgo Laurel), director and filmmaker – in San Juan.
1982 – Shawn Yao, Chinese-Filipino newscasters, model and fashion celebrity.

Shawn Yao
gracing the cover of Philippines Free Press (July 17, 2010).
Picture Trivia
Lt. Gen. George S. Patton on the covers of Newsweek
and Time, both dated July 26, 1943.
          General George Smith Patton Jr (1885-1945) was a renowned American military leader during World War II. General Patton is known as an excellent strategist against the German in the North African campaign and in Europe. He was given the nickname “Old Blood and Guts.” This was jokingly used by his men in saying, it’s their blood and Patton’s courage that are needed to win the war.
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