Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25

Pilipino Komiks Blg. 317, Hulyo 25, 1959
Tampok sa taklob-pahina ang obrang “Apat na Anino” ni Clodualdo del Mundo
na iginuhit ni Fred Carillo
Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr, the other “Man on the Moon,”
on the cover of Time Vol. 94 No. 4, July 25, 1969
Events that happened on July 25:
1882 – The Carriedo Waterwork was inaugurated, for which water supply for the greater Manila area came from the Marikina River and stored at a reservoir (known as El Deposito) in San Juan (then part of Morong Province).
1898 – General Wesley Merritt arrived in Manila. He is to become the first military American governor of the Philippines.

Personalities and celebrities born on July 25:
1872 – Santiago Alvarez, revolutionary general (“Hero of Dalahican, Cavite”), and one of the founder and honorary president of the Nationalista Party – in Imus, Cavite (d. October 30, 1930).
1915 – Enrique M. Fernando, constitutionalist, law professor and 13th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (July 2, 1979 – July 24, 1985) – in Malate, Manila (d. October 13, 2004).
1928 – Dolphy (real name Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr), award-winning actor (in stage, radio, movie and television) and “King of Philippine Comedy” – in Padre Herrera, Tondo, Manila (d. July 10. 2012). 
on the covers of Philippine Panorama (June 23, 1985) and Seniors Monthly (April 2009).

A picture of Mario Montenegro (c. 1950s, courtesy
of “Stars of Philippine Silver Screen” website,

1928 – Mario Montenegro (real name Roger Collin Macalalag), actor – Pagsanjan, Laguna (d. August 27, 1988).

1988 – Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo, singer, actress, model, television host and the Philippines’ “Pop Princess” – in Sta. Cruz, Manila.
Sarah Geronimo
on the covers of MOD (July 31, 2006),
Cosmopolitan Philippines (November 2008) and Yes! (March 2011).
1990 – Andi Eigenmann (full name Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann), actress and model – in Marikina, Metro Manila.
Andi Eigenmann
on the covers of Speed (October 2010) and MOD (August 2011).

Clint Eastwood on the cover of
Films Illustrated (July 1980).
Picture Trivia
          In 1980, Clint Eastwood produced and starred in the film Bronco Billy where his children Kyle and Alison also played a small part. Although the film was considered a “commercial failure,” many movie critics liked it. It is said to be one of Eastwood’s humorous portrayal.
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