Sunday, February 19, 2017

Poems to begin 2017: Language of GOD & A Vision Of Acquaintance


Look upon the Himalayas:
At the foot of this gigantic mount,
The secrets of the world are hidden,
Untouched, virginal and immaculate.
          Pray, this is the sanctuary of discipline
          Where man meets the heavens.

In the snow resting humble and low,
Faithful of the descending bliss,
The flowers bloom in ivory white,
And the berries ripe in bloody red.
          Above the crown of winter and green,
          The seraphim sing in Holy Name.

The light showers and gives warmth;
The clouds baptize the roots,
Nature is like to a temple
That cleanses and serves her people.
          For the sun is the power
          And the rain is the life.

The wind murmurs in worship;
The leafage dancing, shadows in silhouette.
For it is indeed the language of God;
The miracle long forgotten.
          This is Nature’s shrine
          Where truth is clearly seen!

(Written on February 3, 1980. Originally published under the title “Winter Green” in Thomasian Engineer, 1981. Some parts re-written on January 1, 1997.)


Journeying the endless distance
In the hyperbole of joy and violet.
Adolescence, an explosion of brilliance;
A sparkling ruby in a golden inset.

There were many roads, unchosen paths;
Many strangers and a frivolous frock.
Indeed! Lingering questions – aftermaths
Of crossroads and a key in a lock.

Curiosity sometimes gives a light
Or leads to a despairing dream...!
Can one foresee what is not in sight?
Can one form an image in a rippling stream....?

The answer is an inquiry – a poem;
A wish that a writer cannot deny.
From the inner voice comes a priceless item;
A future waiting for a reply.

Soon perhaps, palm will clasp palm,
A debonair meeting a lovely lass.
Eye meets eye in a quivering calm....
Finally, acquaintance comes to pass!

(Published in MOD Magazine Vol. XXII No. 964, February 23, 1990)

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