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June 11

June issues of different magazines

JUNE 11 

Mr. & Ms. Vol. 26 No. 7 (Special Bridal Issue), June 11, 2002
On the cover: PBA import player Rudy Hatfield and actress Rufa Mae Quinto

Model and actress Alaine Brandes (1922-2010) a.k.a Rebel Randall,
on the cover of Pic June 11, 1940 issue.

Events that happened on June 11:
1594 – King Philip II recognized the right s and privileges of the local nobles and chieftains paving the way for the stabilization of the Principalia, the elite ruling class of native nobility in the Philippines.
1898 – Julian Felipe presented to general Emilio Aguinaldo the composer draft of the Philippine national Anthem.
1973 – The development Academy of the Philippines was established.
1978 – The BLISS (Bagong Lipunan Improvement of Sites and Services), a government-sponsored housing program, was inaugurated
– The Kalayaan Islands were proclaimed part of Palawan province.

Personalities and celebrities born on June 11:
1969 – Jove Francisco, television journalist and newscaster
On the left, TV5’s Jove Francisco during a live discussion on Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment. On the right, Jove Francisco (4th from left) together with nine of the original 10 First T.E.N. members.
1970 – Pinky Webb (full name Joanna Marie Pagaspas Webb), journalist and newscaster.
1987 – Kean Cipriano (full name Kean Edward Uson Cipriano), singer, composer, actor and vocalist of the pop-rock band Callalily – in Pasig City.
1993 – Mark Anthony Barriga, boxer.

Mga Pinoy Batman
          Sa Pilipinas, ang unang aktor na gumanap bilang Batman ay si Bob Soler, sa pelikulang Alyas Batman en Robin (1965). Sinundan ito ni Dolphy sa James Batman (1966), Jing Abalos sa Batman Fights Dracula (1967), at Victor Wood sa Fight Batman Fight (1973). Gumanap din si Joey de Leon bilang Batman sa 1997 version ng Alyas Batman en Robin.
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Film ads for D’Lanor’s Alyas Batman and Robin
starring Bob Soler as Batman and Lou Salvador Jr as Robin, and directed by Paquito Toledo.

Batman (played by Christian Bale) on the
Cover of TV Star Guide June 2005 issue.
Picture Trivia
          The superhero character Batman (secret identity of Bruce Wayne) was created by Bob Kane in May 1939. Kane was inspired by a drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s bat-wing machine, which can be attached to a person’s back that will enable him to fly. When Kane saw a re-run of the film The Mark of Zorro (1920), starring Douglas Fairbank. The character Zorro (created by Johnston McCulley) gave him the idea on how to create Batman’s character. The mask of the original Batman, on the other hand, was similar to the costume worn by a stylish killer in the film The Bat Whispers (1931). Batman first appeared on Detective Comics #27 before it had its own comics title.
          Before the popular Batman TV series of the 1960s starring Adam West, the character was first heard on radio, voiced by Stacy Harris, and had a movie, The Batman (1943), starring Lewis Wilson.  Robert Lowery played the character in Batman and Robin (1949). Adam West also played Batman on the big screen in Batman and the Fearsome Foursomes (1966).
          Batman portrayers include Michael Keaton in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), Val Kilmer in Batman Forever (1995), George Clooney in Batman & Robin (1997), and Christian Bale in Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008).

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